Pet Orthopedics in Cary

At Maynard Animal Hospital, we prioritize your pet's orthopedic health and comfort.
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Pets can develop orthopedic problems due to age, genetics, or injuries

Here at Maynard Animal Hospital, we’re dedicated to helping your companion regain mobility and enjoy a pain-free life. We provide a comprehensive range of orthopedic services in Cary and will prioritize your furry friend’s safety and comfort every step of the way.
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Safety and Comfort Every Step of the Way

Compassionate care from start to finish

We prioritize your pet’s safety before, during, and after any procedure. This starts with performing comprehensive pre-surgical assessments and bloodwork to ensure they can handle anesthesia. Our team closely monitors your pet throughout and after surgery, too, and uses effective pain management strategies to keep them comfortable. When it’s time to go home, we’ll provide detailed aftercare instructions and are always here to answer questions during your pet’s recovery. We’re committed to supporting you and your pet every step of the way.

All Your Pet’s Orthopedic Needs Under One Roof

Expert surgeons, advanced techniques, optimal recovery

Unlike many animal hospitals near you, we have a well-equipped surgical suite and skilled surgeons who can perform complex orthopedic procedures in-house. (If you’re looking for soft-tissue procedures, please visit our “Soft Tissue Surgery” page.) Here’s a glimpse into our in-house orthopedic services:

Fracture and Dislocation Repair:

Our veterinarians use advanced techniques to mend broken bones and address dislocations, getting your pet back on their paws and resuming their normal life as quickly as possible.

Minimally Invasive ACL Repair:

We address torn ACLs, a common concern for canine patients, using minimally invasive procedures for quicker recovery.

Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO):

This surgical procedure eases pain and improves mobility for dogs with hip dysplasia.

Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO):

This procedure stabilizes the knee joint, offering relief for dogs with certain knee injuries.

Schedule Your Pet’s Orthopedic Appointment in Cary Today!

Get your pet back on their paws

If your pet is facing an orthopedic issue, seek expert care as soon as possible. At Maynard Animal Hospital, we are your trusted partner for pet orthopedics in Cary. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and help your pet get back to walking and playing without pain.

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All Pet Needs Under One Roof

Compassionate veterinary care in Cary

Maynard Animal Hospital performs orthopedic surgeries for dogs and cats in Cary, Apex, Raleigh, and the surrounding areas.
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Maynard Animal Hospital provides compassionate, high-quality veterinary care for dogs and cats in Cary.

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