Cary Veterinarian Discusses 3 Healthy New Year's Resolutions for Dogs and Cats


2022 has begun, and it is a time for new starts. Why not include your feline friend or canine companion in your goals this year? As your dog or cat’s Cary veterinarian, we are here to help you give them an extraordinary life. That is why we decided to discuss a few New Year’s resolutions to help your pet live longer. Here are some suggestions from the experts at Maynard Animal Hospital

Make Sure You're Meeting Their Nutritional Needs

Every year, many people commit to healthier eating. Starting a nutritious diet is a great resolution for your dog or cat, too. Not all dog and cat foods are created equally, so be mindful when searching for your pet's new food. Familiarize yourself with your dog or cat's unique nutritional requirements to find food that's suitable for them. Our veterinarians are here to assist if you are confused about your pet's nutritional needs.

Stay Active

In addition to increasing your pet's odds of obesity, lack of exercise frequently leads to behavioral problems, like chewing and other destructive actions. Maintain their health and happiness by providing adequate exercise every day. Dogs need regular walks, and they benefit from fun games like hide-and-seek and fetch, too. Keep your feline friend active by engaging their desire to hunt with toys. Wands with enticing attachments are a great option. Consider investing in cat trees for your pet to climb and explore, too.

Visit a Cary Veterinarian for Wellness Care

Even if your pet is in good health, they need to visit a Cary veterinarian annually for wellness care. Wellness care — including services like examinations, vaccinations, and parasite prevention — ensures your cat or dog's long-term health. Keeping up with wellness care is a crucial component of being a good pet parent, too. If you’ve fallen behind in this area, make this year the year you commit to getting your pet back on track. Call today to book an appointment. 


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