Why Parasite Prevention in Cary Is Important


If you are a pet owner, you likely already know that it’s wise to protect your pet from things like fleas and ticks. You may not, however, be aware of just how vital parasite prevention and treatment truly are. Since April is both National Heartworm Awareness Month and Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month, it is a perfect time to turn your attention to the parasites that could plague your pet. To learn more about why parasite prevention is so important, keep reading! 

Internal Parasites

Internal parasites, including heartworm as well as intestinal worms, can wreak havoc on pets’ internal organs. Transmitted by mosquitos, heartworm lives in the heart and lungs of infected pets and causes coughing, fatigue, and generally poor health. 

Hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms take up residence in pets’ digestive tracts and cause everything from stomach upset and weight loss to anemia. 

External Parasites

Fleas and ticks are external parasites and pose a threat to your pets, too. Ticks carry potentially deadly illnesses like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, both of which can be spread to humans. And fleas are much more than itchy pets. They can cause severe allergic reactions, and your pet may experience fur loss or skin infections due to their bites. 

Parasite Prevention in Cary

At Maynard Animal Hospital, we are here to help you protect your beloved pet from parasites. We provide parasite prevention in Cary and supply only top-quality products that are both safe and effective. Our team also offers parasite testing and treatment services and will help you determine precisely which services and/or products are suitable for your pet. 

When you obtain parasite prevention and treatment products directly from a veterinarian, there is no doubt that they are authentic and safe to use on your pet. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for products purchased online and in big box stores. 

Your pet’s comfort and health are our top concerns. Contact us today for parasite prevention in Cary and the surrounding areas. 


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